Recent Client Awards

“27 Year Old Mother falls in McDonald’s parking lot.  Michael J. Brown, Esq. recovers $225,000.00 in settlement”

“17 year old hit by vehicle as she runs across Old Country Road in Mineola in the dark-her attorney.  Michael J. Brown uses all his efforts to secure $1,100,000.00 for his teenage client”

“48 year old woman living in New York City Housing Authority building in Brooklyn is injured in robbery attempt-assailants never apprehended by the NYC Police Department. Her attorney Michael J. Brown, Esq. is able to secure $134,000.00 after extensive negotiations with the New York City Housing Authority”

“86 year old grandmother hit by New York City Sanitation Truck.  Michael J. Brown, Esq. files lawsuit against City of New York and quickly resolves matter for $400,000.00”

“52 year old retired NYC corrections officer injured in motor vehicle accident.  His attorney Michael J. Brown, Esq. is able to resolve the matter for the sum of $250,000.00”

“43 year old man loading piping onto friend’s truck hit in foot by beam.  Michael J. Brown, Esq. reaches agreement with Defendant wherein client recovers $75,000.00”

“58 year old woman slips in Atlantic City casino on water.  Michael J. Brown, Esq. takes on the corporate Defendant and gets a $58,000.00 award for his client after arbitration hearing”

“Client’s vehicle hit in rear by United States Postal truck.  Michael J. Brown files lawsuit in Federal Court and is able to settle matter for $90,000.00”